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With Aviation Sales Associates, you get much much more than just an aircraft broker. Our proven track record and market intelligence, together with our unwavering commitment to pure excellence, means Aviation Sales Associates is your true partner in aviation acquisitions.

More Options

We put in effort to really get to know you and understand your needs, wants, and budget before starting any project. We then use that understanding to help you interpret your options and establish expectations about performance and costs. This way, we’re all on the same page from the get go.

Better Inventory

We regularly build up our offerings from many of the best sources available and update our inventory of fully-inspected, ready-to-fly aircraft in all classes and sizes. In fact, our reputation often precedes us, and we’re informed of opportunities before they’re available to the rest.
If you can't find what you're looking for, just let us know. We’ll search every hangar until it’s found.

Due Diligence

We do the hard work for you. ASA puts together a thoughtful, concise, and helpful appraisal based on the parameters of your needs, and presents you with all of the details, including risks and costs. With all the facts on the table, you can make the right decision for you.

Meticulous Inspection

After locating your ideal aircraft, the ASA team will dig even deeper, assessing the aircraft with our stringent inspection, including airframe, engines, systems, overall condition, and avionics.
We also take stock of the aircraft’s history, not just its current condition. This includes detailed itemization of equipment, logbook research, maintenance history, and even maintenance projections for the future. This crucial information is all factored in when analyzing the ongoing costs of the aircraft.

Greater Bargaining Power

Finalizing an aircraft purchase is not something you just want to wing. Your ASA sales associate has the background knowledge and industry relationships to negotiate where possible to get you the best possible deal.

Simpler Closing

We don’t stop working for you until the deal is sealed. Closing time is crucial to ensuring that the acquisition is executed correctly. If buyers are operating on a schedule, we’ll work closely with the title company, buyer and seller to ensure all documents required for closing are completed on schedule. With ASA, registration, relocation, and delivery all take off without a hitch.

Aviation Sales Associates has better inventory, greater bargaining power, easier inspections and simpler closing. Put simply, we take care of you.

The Right Wings,
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